Outdoor LED Signs

Outdoor LED Signs

We offer the guidance necessary to ensure that you know what LED sign is best for you.
DataTime: LED time and temperature signs
Fuelight: LED petroleum digit display signs
Cash / Credit LED display signs
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LED Signs: Viewing Distance

15.85 mm Full-Color LED Sign
High-res, full-color, highly detailed graphics and crisp text are important to you, with a viewing distance of 37'.

19.8 mm Full-Color LED Sign
Detailed graphics and highly readable text in full color, seen from around 45'.

26.4 mm Full-Color LED Sign
Graphics and readable text in full color, best viewed from 59' or more.

15.85 mm Monochrome LED Sign
High-resolution,text messages and detailed graphics in monochrome shades of red or amber with a minimum viewing distance of 37'

19.8 mm Monochrome LED Sign
Mostly text messages with some graphics in monochrome shades of red or amber seen from around 45'.

26.4 mm Monochrome LED Sign
Text messages with a minimum of graphics shown in monochrome shades of red or amber seen from 59' or more.
Resolution is the number of pixels contained in the physical area of an electronic display. The greater the number of pixels per square foot, the greater the amount of detail displays

The term color depth indicates the quantity of colors available to represent the intended image. Generally, more available colors mean larger the potential for high quality images, depending on how this is implemented. For high quality video or graphics, there is a minimum acceptable amount of color required, generally more than 16.7 million.
When choosing a display,consider where it will be installed and the angle at which the display will be viewed. Image quality will be at its best within the viewing cone of the display, which is where your primary intended audience should be located.

Readability angle or viewing area will exceed the optimum viewing angle depending on site specific circumstances and ambient light conditions.
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LED is an abbreviation for light emitting diode. An LED is a solid state electronic device that is much more efficient at creating light than an incandescent lamp. LEDs contain chemical compounds that emit light when electric current passes through them. Different chemical compounds emit different colors of light. Unlike incandescent lamps. LEDs have no filaments that burn out or fail.
  • Communication Options
  • Ethernet Fiber Optic
  • Ethernet Bridge Radio
  • Ethernet Cat
  • Ethernet Switch
  • Remote Cellular
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